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Our job is to ensure that workers get the benefits they are entitled to following a work related injury. Call us today (530) 894-3694.

Being involved in Workers’ Compensation can have life-long lasting effects. Getting injured at work can dramatically change the course you are on and can make your sense of direction confusing. In times like these everyone needs a helping hand and a step in the right direction.

Our office has had experience being the professional, personalized resource Injured Workers have chosen to rely on since 1996 and we continue to help our clients navigate through Work Comp.

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Union Workers

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Even though we primarily work on helping Injured Workers’, we don’t ever wish that anyone will require our services, but if you ever find yourself in need of an advocate for your Workers’ Compensation case or if you need that helping hand through this complex and difficult experience, give our office a call and our friendly office staff can setup a consultation.